Father’s Day 2017

In the media, black dads often get a bad rep. Stereotypes of deadbeat fathers and single moms are becoming the norm and seem like a regular occurrence. Fortunately I’ve been grateful to have strong father figures in my life and see that every day with the families we are able to capture. It is our hope that the Father’s day images we capture each year does a small part to help combat the stereotypes that currently exist for black dads and help to move the conversation forward about those who are present in the lives of their kids, wives and families. We had a blast working with this group of dads and partnered with Black Men with Beards for their annual Black Fatherhood showcase. Check out their blog to see what these dads have to say about what it means to be a father.

Special thanks to Black Men with Beards for featuring our photos,  Sherita Blango for hair/makeup services and Just Braydz by Chaya for the braids.