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Heirs Calendar




HEIRS is the calendar from husband-and-wife photographers Kahran and Regis Bethencourt, the team behind Atlanta’s CreativeSoul Photography and authors of the bestselling 2020 book GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty.

And while last season, the photographers hearkened to the powerful history of the African diaspora, now they turn to its radiant future—through the lens of Afrofuturism, a philosophy and cultural and artistic aesthetic that dares to envision future worlds molded by and for Black experiences. But this isn’t mere science fiction: The subjects of these portraits are young, Black changemakers and activists already making a difference in their communities in fields as diverse as technology, education, sports, agriculture, and business. The images, accompanied by inspiring quotes, reflect the photographers’ passion for truly inventive visual storytelling and their belief in children as heirs to the worlds of their ancestors..

Heirs Calendar


Heirs Calendar

The Authors.

Heirs Calendar

CreativeSoul Photography believes that everyone deserves to truly be seen, so we go beyond just capturing beautiful snapshots. We’re more than just photographers. We are artists and trusted business partners obsessed with unique, visual storytelling and capturing unconventional beauty. Our goal is to tell your own unique story through photographs that will last a lifetime.