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CreativeSoul Gift Guide



CreativeSoul Gift Guide


By CreativeSoul Photography

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide, where the magic of the season meets meaningful gifting. We understand that you’re looking for more than just toys – you’re seeking gifts that inspire, represent, and empower your little ones. Our selection is thoughtfully curated to ignite joy, pride, and creativity. These aren’t just gifts; they’re gateways to new worlds, filled with beauty, heritage, and endless possibilities. Discover the perfect holiday treasures that resonate with the spirit and diversity of our vibrant culture.

 UNDER $25

Crowned Book 

Step into a magical world of reimagined fairy tales with ‘Crowned Book’. This holiday season, gift a journey of representation and empowerment, where Black youth see themselves as the heroes in captivating stories and beautiful illustrations.

 UNDER $20

Glory Book 

Discover the enchanting beauty of Black hair and culture with ‘Glory Book’. A perfect holiday gift, this book is a celebration of black beauty, featuring over 100 breathtaking photographs and powerful essays that inspire and empower.

 UNDER $15

Heirs Calendar 

Bring a touch of fantasy and heritage to your home with ‘Heirs: Fantastic Futures’. This isn’t just a calendar; it’s a journey through mystical worlds, empowering our children as the true heirs of our ancestors’ dreams.

 UNDER $60

CreativeSoul Disney Princess Collection

Experience the magic of diversity with the CreativeSoul Disney Princess doll collection. This holiday, gift a reimagined world of Disney Princesses, featuring natural hairstyles and Afrocentric designs, perfect for inspiring empowerment and representation in children of all cultural backgrounds.

  UNDER $15

The Me I Choose to Be Book

Give the gift of self-love and imagination with ‘The Me I Choose To Be Book’. This holiday, let young readers explore limitless possibilities and embrace their unique identity through this visually stunning and empowering narrative.

 UNDER $10

Kute Lipsickle Lip Gloss

Add a pop of playfulness to your little one’s day with KUTE Lipsickle Lip Gloss! Crafted for fun and self-expression, our lip glosses encourage girls to embrace their unique beauty and shine with confidence. Use code: Kutechristmas for 20% off your order.