World Tour

8 countries, 16 shoots, 33 kids sums up our recent world tour.  After traveling throughout the US we decided to expand our locations and experience new areas of the world.  Connecting with local models and designers we were able to photograph kids with our own signature editorial style. We wanted to showcase not only the kids in each location, but the environment so that viewers could get a glimpse of everyday life in each different location. The gallery below is a preview of our shoots from London, Paris, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, South Africa, Ghana, Cuba.


From the Blog

Explore our blog posts from our tour for an inside view to what really happened at each country.  We chat about our highlights, lowlights and share photos from each stop on our tour.

Our Story

Want more info about this project? Take a look at the video below to see the story behind the world of curls project.

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