Leaders of the New School

With all of the divisiveness and craziness going on in the world today we started thinking about how our future generation will shape the country we’re living in today.  How are we preparing our next generation of leaders to take the reigns and make this world a better place?  Our “Future Leaders” editorial is a fun take on high school superlatives.  We infused modern African fashion, cool hair and and fun props to make a fun school themed editorial.  Check out some of the highlights below.

  • Homecoming Queen: Alexis: Top: Indego Africa, Skirt: Five Karats, Shoes: Shop Deniine
  • Best Entertainer: Chloe: Jacket: Five Karats, Collar: HaloLuxe, Pants: Kwadusa, Jewelry: Ekocreashunz

  • Valedictorian: Ari: Shirt: Indego Africa, Globe: Nikki Cade Studio, Desk: Abeille Creations

  • Most Unique: Alexis: Jacket: H&M, Tee: Black Vibe Tribe, Skirt: Kwadusa, Shoes: Shop Deniine, Glasses: Tresmercedes
  • Most Team Spirit: Chloe: Jacket/Sweatshirt: Kwadusa, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Converse

  • BFFs: Alexis & Chloe: Jacket/Skirt: Kwadusa; Shirt: Flexin in My Complexion; Shoes: Shop Deniine
  • Most Athletic: Ari: Jacket: Kwadusa, Shirt: The HBCU Kid, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Puma

  • World Traveler: Layla; Dress: Shop Deniine; Jewelry – Ekocreashunz; Shoes: 6th & Madison
  • Most Popular: Chloe; Shirt: Kwadusa; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Shop Deniine

  • Most Likely to Succeed: Layla; Dress: Shop Deniine; Jewelry – Ekocreashunz; Collar/Headband: HaloLuxe; Shoes: Converse
  • Class Clown: Bryson; Shirt: Ramomar NY;Pants: H&M; Shoes: Timberland
  • Valedictorian: Ari: Shirt: Indego Africa, Bag: Orijin Couture, Desk: Abeille Creations

  • Best Entertainer (Boy): Bryson; Shirt: Ramomar NY; Jacket/Pants: H&M; Shoes: Timberland
  • Best Entertainer (Girl): Chloe; Jacket: Five Karats; Pants: Kwadusa; Jewelry: Ekocreashunz
  • Most Artistic: Dress: Shop Deniine; Necklace; Model’s own; Shoes: Converse; Art/Pencil: Abeille Creations
  • Most Popular: Shirt: Kwadusa; Headband: HaloLuxe; Shoes: Shop Deniine; Skirt: H&M; Jewelry: Ekocreashunz

Photography/Styling: CreativeSoul Photography
Hair/Makeup: LaChanda Gatson