What to Wear to a Family Photo Shoot

Be comfortable
The most important part of having good photos is dressing in a way that feels comfortable to you. If you don’t feel comfortable you’re going to look uncomfortable in your photos. If you’re not comfortable wearing a dress and heels then find something that is comfortable for you. If you’re going to be tugging and pulling at your outfit because it doesn’t sit right change it!
None of that matchy matchy stuff 
Wearing matching clothes with the rest of the crew in your photos is for Sears or other quick portrait studios. We aren’t going to line all of you up in front of a boring backdrop in matching white shirts and jeans. You’re paying for custom photography so don’t worry about matching everyone else or having a certain look. Just relax. The emotion in your photos is more important than everyone looking just right.
Be yourself 
I know sometimes you’re surfing the internet and you see a great photo where the subject is wearing the best outfit and you want to achieve that same look. Remember to be yourself. Wear your own style! If you try too hard to look like someone else in your photos you’ll stop looking like you. These photos aren’t about what you look like, they’re about creating a memory of an important milestone in your life. The joy on your face, the fun you have, the laughs and the deep serious stares into your partner’s eyes are far more important. If your outfit is, ‘you’ your pictures will feel like you too!
Small unique details paired with a simple outfit can give your photo shoot that stylized touch! Bracelets, fun earrings, and a great pair of shoes can give your photographer interesting details and colors to work with during your photo shoot and will make you shine. If you’re doing a session outdoors don’t be afraid to accessorize with a sweater you can have on or off, or a guy can bring a blazer he may wear in some photos and not others. Accessories that you can take on or off can provide a great variety of images as well.
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