Child Modeling: Top 5 Tips for Beginners

We are often asked about things to watch out for when trying to get into the child modeling industry. We see a lot of parents waste a lot of time and money trying to get their child into the industry only to find out it wasn’t the right fit for them.  We’ve listed our top 5 tips when considering getting your child into the industry.

    1. Make sure your child is really interested in being in the industry.  There’s nothing worse than a parent forcing a child into the industry who does not want to do it.  Test the waters before making a commitment to make sure your child is really interested in doing this.
    2. Please do your research when it comes to agencies and other jobs that you are getting your child involved in.  We’ve seen so many newbies starting out that end up going with agencies that are not good for their child’s career (never pay for an agency), classes that are not helpful or fashion shows and shoots that are not beneficial for their career.
    3. We know that it is definitely possible to get into an agency from a standard snapshot but if you are having trouble getting noticed sometimes a great new headshot can make them take a second look.  We’re firm believers that a great photographer can highlight the best features in your child, so it can sometimes be the little push they need to get started.
    4. One thing that we like to tell parents is to try not to get in the way of your child’s career.  We’ve seen so many situations where everyone loves the kid, but they don’t get booked because of parents that are difficult to work with.
    5. Make sure you are committed and available before getting into the industry.  There’s a lot of work involved between castings, bookings, fittings, etc. so please make sure you are willing to put in the time or have a great support system to help you and your child along your journey.