Child Models: Child Headshots

Every child model or actor needs a good headshot. We’ve had several kids get booked based on our headshots alone. Ideally a great headshot shows your child’s natural smile and personality. Clean backgrounds, non-distracting clothing, basic hair and makeup are essential for a great headshot. Simply put, your child’s headshot should look like them with them walk through the door for a casting. No one likes surprises during a casting so a headshot should show your child as they are. We strongly believe that professional photos can always give your child the edge, but please keep in mind that professional headshots are not required for agency submission. If your child has the look, a simple snapshot may be enough for the agency. After your child is signed with an agency, the agency will generally ask that you get professional headshots. Since a child’s look changes so often, it is recommended to get new headshots every 12-18 months. Here are some examples from a headshot session. We’ll get some great headshots, full body, 3/4 shots and of course a few fun shots just because. 🙂

Child Headshots
Child Actor Headshots

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