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What to Wear to a Family Photo Shoot

Be comfortable The most important part of having good photos is dressing in a way that feels comfortable to you. If you don’t feel comfortable you’re going to look uncomfortable in your photos. If you’re not comfortable wearing a dress and heels then find something that is comfortable for you. If you’re going to be […]


Pastel Fun

Spring has us feeling giddy with all the bright colors, sunny days and blooming flowers returning into our lives. We wanted to celebrate this Easter holiday with a fun little shoot using some adorable fashion from some of our favorite boutiques. Our models Dior and Zoe were the perfect little subjects for this shoot. Check […]


Kids Natural Hairstyle Inspiration

Sure, braids and beads are nice, but there are SO many more looks you can achieve with your child’s natural curls.  We’ve compiled a few of our favorite diy inspired hairstyles to give you some hairstyle inspiration that is sure to make your child the coolest kid on the block.


What to Wear to a Portfolio Session

Usually right after booking, the first question we receive is “What should I wear?”.  We wanted to provide a few styling tips and ideas to give you some inspiration for the what to wear and bring during your child’s portfolio session. It is very important to let the photographers know in advance if you will […]


Child Modeling: Top 5 Tips for Beginners

We are often asked about things to watch out for when trying to get into the child modeling industry. We see a lot of parents waste a lot of time and money trying to get their child into the industry only to find out it wasn’t the right fit for them.  We’ve listed our top […]


Child Models: How can I get my child into modeling?

This is probably the #1 most asked question we receive on a daily basis. We certainly don’t claim to be experts in the modeling industry but we can give our 2 cents on some basic info on becoming a child model. First thing to know is that there is no standard pathway into child modeling. […]


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