Greetings from Kenya


Leaders of the New School

With all of the divisiveness and craziness going on in the world today we started thinking about how our future generation will shape the country we’re living in today.  How are we preparing our next generation of leaders to take the reigns and make this world a better place?  Our “Future Leaders” editorial is a […]


AfroArt: LA Edition

For our AfroArt sessions in Los Angeles, we partnered with the extremely talented jewelry designer UniquelyWiredm for some custom jewelry pieces and beautiful crowns.  All of the kids really enjoyed feeling like young kings and queens for the day.  Check out some of our favorites below along with our behind the scenes video from our […]



Sometimes the best shoots happen spontaneously.  We literally made this session with little miss Zahra up while she was visiting us in our studio.  Before you know it we’re hanging out at a colorful basketball court with a fly custom basketball to match.  Zahra got completely into character and we were here for every minute […]

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Isossy Children FW17 Sweat Collection

Had so much fun with these cool kids in Brooklyn for the recently launched Isossy Children FW17 Sweat Collection.  Isossy’s edgy, sporty chic athleisure line features modern silhouettes and cultural influences, blending both old and the new. Who says your child can’t be fashionable and comfy at the same time?  Their silk and satin finishes, and a compelling monochrome […]


Kheris Rogers – Queen of Pearls

Soo this has been a whirlwind week.   This past weekend we shared our shoot with the beautiful Kheris Rogers for Little Revolution Magazine.  To our surprise, these photos went all around the world and completely shut the internet down.  For those of you who are not familiar with Kheris’ story, Kheris is a 10-year […]


Irene’s Wish of a Lifetime

Last week we were able to work on one of the most special projects we’ve ever done.  We were contacted by an amazing organization called Wish of a Lifetime which grants special wishes for seniors and helps them achieve a long-held or deeply meaningful dream.  We were asked to help grant a special wish for 95-year-old […]


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